Cyber-Risk Oversight

Program Certification


Organizational resilience

through education

Ridge Global prioritizes education and training as a meaningful aspect of enterprise risk and cyber risk management practice. This includes the deployment of education and training programs that help to protect organizations against cyber breaches by creating a culture that reveres cybersecurity and risk mitigation.

Ridge Global’s unique partnerships with organizations such as the National Associate of Corporate Directors (NACD) and leading education institutions to include the CERT-Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), have generated premier cyber education programs for Board oversight, manager training, and enterprise awareness training for all employees. More information on the NACD/CMU Cyber-Risk Oversight Certificate can be found here.

These innovative practices allow organizations to better protect themselves against cyber breaches and establish a more proactive risk mitigation strategy to respond to the modern threat environment.

Innovation for executive cyber education:

the NACD cyber-risk oversight program model

Ridge Global offers a customized, online education course that is designed for busy professionals. We have created a concept to educate board-level executives on cyber risk and to provide a tangible credential for leaders that are increasingly challenged by regulators, litigators, and shareholders.

Ridge Global has secured the world-renowned CERT-Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University as a content development partner and also partnered with the NACD, leading to the NACD Cyber-Risk Oversight Certificate. The program has so far enrolled hundreds of executives from major brands and a variety of economic sectors.

Having a stronger understanding of cyber risk at the corporate level enhances the ability for Board-level employees to communicate and understand cyber threats across technology and business operations.