Cybersecurity and

Resiliency Solutions


Our Capabilities

We employ a defense-in-depth approach applied to cyber resiliency solutions.

  • Our approach is focused on corporate cyber strategy and program development based on the latest threat intelligence and guidance to executives, risk management committee members and other board members with oversight responsibilities.
  • This includes rigorous levels of education and training aligned with an organization’s strategic objectives and applied cybersecurity framework requirements.
  • Our approach is tailored around the specific needs and objectives of our clients.
  • This includes the full integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) systems across globally deployed, enterprise-wide information technology (IT) infrastructure.
  • Our solution recommendations consider key differentiation for applicability that include speed, agility and rapid scalability.


Ridge Global’ s team combines unique subject matter expertise together with AI and ML automated solutions to allow clients to quickly benchmark client cyber security standards and active policies against industry peers and other government required regulatory standards and requirements across business sectors.


Using enterprise risk assessment approach we are able to rapidly provide clients with an assessment of their current cybersecurity posture and help to consider strategies and capabilities to help clients improve their cyber resiliency and better manage risk.


Combining good supply chain mapping and traceability is critical to every globally operating company. Our approach includes embedding a comprehensive cyber resiliency capability into this process to help clients clearly identify and manage all supply chain cyber vulnerabilities as a part of supply chain management.