Organizational Resilience Through Education

Ridge Global prioritizes education and training as a meaningful aspect of enterprise risk and cyber risk management practice. This includes the provision of education and training programs that help to protect
organizations against physical threats and cyber breaches by creating a culture of organizational resilience through education.

Ridge Global’s unique partnerships with organizations include as the National Associate of Corporate Directors (NACD) and leading education institutions to include the CERT-Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), have generated premier cyber education programs for board oversight, manager training, and enterprise awareness training for all employees. More information on the CERT Certificate in Cyber-Risk Oversight Program can be found here.

Ridge Global has established a cooperative relationship with a leading online security training company, The Power of Preparedness (TPOP). The course uses existing best practices in workplace violence event preparedness training applied to the latest techniques in adult learning theory and content retention techniques. Applicable across industries to train leadership, management, and other administrative officials, the training is designated to assist organizations in effectively managing risks involving active shooter incidents. More information on the Active Shooter Preparedness Training Program can be found here.