Robert Caruso

Senior advisor at Ridge Global 

Robert Caruso is a senior advisor at Ridge Global. His extensive experience during his career includes serving as Chief Executive Officer of a privately held, satellite-based transmission provider which he transformed into a widely recognized international long distance company.

Prior to that, Mr. Caruso had nearly 30 years executive management experience in the industrial, power generation, broadcasting, and communications operations of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, CBS Broadcasting, and Viacom.

His subject matter expertise is extensive in other areas to include real estate development, security services management and consolidating basic energy assets and developing new clean energy alternatives. Mr. Caruso has founded several companies and is a life-long resident of Pennsylvania. He is recognized by many colleagues as a leader in business and has been instrumental in the Commonwealth’s ongoing effort to drive economic development and job creation.

Mr. Caruso is a graduate of Bethany College where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree in finance from the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz School of Business.