Risk Management

Risk Management

Ridge Global offers its clients a unique and innovative management system for risk. The Total Security Management (TSM) methodology combines an enterprise risk management methodology, with a powerful software tool, to transform security from a net cost into a net benefit.

In today’s global marketplace, where geo-political unrest, natural and man-made hazards, security threats and other operational disruptions can cause immediate and devastating impacts throughout global trade, security and risk must be managed as core functions. By systematically managing risk using the Total Security Management approach, firms can create value and ensure long-term viability in the face of persistent threats.

TSM prescribes a comprehensive and standardized strategy to enterprise risk management focused on continual, incremental improvement. The intellectual foundation of this approach is a derivative of Total Quality Management (TQM). Ridge Global’s risk management methodology uses the same PLAN / DO / CHECK / ACT cycle that has been proven, and widely adopted, through quality management. TSM establishes a framework of focus points, metrics and feedback loops, and uses the fundamentals of process re-engineering to eliminate security defects and enhance corporate resiliency.


Risk Management Consulting

  • Corporate Security and Resiliency Training
  • Risk Management Assessments and Process Mapping
  • Preparedness and Resilience Tabletop Exercises
  • Security Process Re-engineering
  • PLAN/DO/CHECK/ACT Cycle Support for Risk Management

Total Security Management System

  • Modular, Scalable and Configurable Management Software Package
  • Total Security Management System Implementation Support