Secretary Ridge Delivers Keynote at Global Engagement Conference

January 9, 2008

Secretary Tom Ridge addressed more than 400 business, civic, political, academic and faith leaders at the U.S. Center for Global Engagement’s January 9th launch of Impact ’08 at the World Market Center in Nevada.

Calling on the Presidential candidates to elevate and strengthen America’s non-military tools for global engagement, Impact ’08 is co-chaired by first Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Reagan Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci and supported by a diverse group of public and private bi-partisan leaders.

During his keynote address, Governor Ridge focused on the importance of Smart Power, noting that “With our nation’s security and our economy at stake, the next President must not only strengthen our military capabilities, but also our non-military capacity to address global political, economic and humanitarian challenges.”

Speakers at the Nevada launch also included former Governor and U.S. Senator Richard Bryan, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation William P. Weidner and Starbucks Senior Vice President Sandra Taylor.

The Center for U.S. Global Engagement unites business, civic, political, military and faith leaders around the country in support of greater investments in development and diplomacy to strengthen America’s role in the world.  For more information on the Center and the Impact ‘08 campaign, go to

Ridge Global Contact: Michele Nix +1-202-833-2008