Tom Ridge Addresses the Detroit Economic Club

April 14, 2008

Tom Ridge, president and CEO of Ridge Global LLC, addressed nearly 400 members and guests of the Detroit Economic Club in a speech entitled: “Fortune Favors the Brave: The Net Gain of Security in a Risk-Based World.”

Mr. Ridge, the nation’s first secretary of Homeland Security and former governor Pennsylvania, shared his views of today’s risk-centric environment and how to minimize those risks in favor of greater resiliency and security across the globe.

“An increasingly global private sector seeking more markets, jobs and profitability becomes more vulnerable and subject to greater risks,” said Secretary Ridge. “And the universe of potential risks is growing every day…

“Certainly terrorism is a concern for both government and business – but candidly it is one of many. Today, both the public and private sectors must be attentive to the risks associated with energy availability and cost, adverse geo-political events, weather events, criminal activities and vendor issues, just to name a few….

“Not every company will identify the same risk or have the same set of priorities.  The level of risk tolerance may vary, but in every company, there are certain risks that can never be tolerated.”

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