Secretary Tom Ridge Keynotes Nuclear Energy Conference

November 15, 2009

Ridge Global CEO Tom Ridge addressed security and economic issues relevant to nuclear energy, as the clean, carbon-free power source gains renewed attention as a means to decrease U.S. dependence on foreign oil. Ridge made his keynote remarks at the Nuclear Energy Symposium, held Thursday, October 22nd, at The Pennsylvania State University.

“We need to separate the ‘mushroom cloud’ image of nuclear weaponry from the real economic and environmental value of nuclear energy,” said Ridge, president and CEO of Ridge Global, also the nation’s first secretary of Homeland Security and former governor of Pennsylvania.

Secretary Ridge also addressed the challenges posed by adversaries who establish nuclear energy “storefronts” to mask the production of nuclear weapons. Security protocols and international protective bodies are stronger than ever, he said. But that should not deter the United States from the peaceful use of civilian nuclear power for the production of electricity, contends Ridge.

“There is an advantage to using nuclear energy in a non-proliferating context and job-generating, economy-stimulating opportunities to do so, while advancing a clean power source that benefits the environment,” said Ridge.

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