Secretary Tom Ridge Keynotes Annual e-Commerce Security Conference

March 11, 2009

Ridge Global CEO Tom Ridge spoke at the Merchant Risk Council’s 7th annual e-Commerce Payments and Risk Conference in Las Vegas today. Ethoca, the leader in collaborative fraud management and an MRC Signature Sponsor Member, sponsored the keynote presentation by the nation’s first secretary of Homeland Security.

Said Ridge: “When you begin selling online, you are engaged in a global conversation. You find that the ubiquity of the internet is its greatest strength, and the ubiquity of the internet is its greatest weakness.

The former Homeland Security Secretary urged participants to continue to be pro-active versus reactive: “It’s better to manage the risk before it manages you,” he said.

As for whether security investments offer a return, Ridge said: “Certainly money is tight. CFOs are accountable. And dollars on risk-related and security matters are often viewed grudgingly as an expense. The ROI may not appear until the incident you prepared for occurs, but then those expense dollars will look like a wise investment.”

The MRC’s annual e-Commerce Payments and Risk Conference is the premier gathering of its type and is attended by the world’s top Internet merchants, credit card companies, risk management providers, law enforcement agencies and various consultants and educators tasked with making shopping on the internet easier, safer and more profitable for all involved.

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