Secretary Ridge Lauds President Obama's First Trip to Canada

February 19, 2009

Speaking today to Tom Clark of CTV’s “Power Play,” former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security and Ridge Global CEO Tom Ridge lauded Barack Obama’s trip to Canada and the positive message the U.S. president delivered to America’s neighbor to the north.

Referring to President Obama’s “collegiality,” “openness” and comments reflecting the need for mutual solutions to mutual challenges, Secretary Ridge said it “was a great way to begin [President Obama’s] administration with obviously our largest and best trading partner and this extraordinary ally we’ve had for a long, long time. So it sounds to me like we’re off to a very, very good start.”

Ridge underscored the importance of the US-Canadian relationship and said he felt confident that economic concerns, chiefly trade between the two countries, would remain a top priority in any discussions regarding a North America security perimeter.

“You can’t have security without prosperity and you can’t have prosperity without security,” Ridge said.

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