Secretary Ridge Addresses Leaders in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore

June 8, 2009

Ridge Global CEO Tom Ridge spoke to members of the American Chambers of Commerce in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore during a week-long visit to Asia, where he discussed supply chain security, global economic challenges, corporate governance and growing international security concerns, such as North Korea.

“The key to risk management is to manage the risk before it manages you,” said Ridge. “In recent years, we’ve seen how one crisis—a financial crisis, a supply chain issue, a border disruption—can bring the free flow of revenue, people and goods to a standstill. Those enterprises that make risk management a core business function will see that security investments not only secure their business, but also embed efficiencies, increase productivity and increase collaboration across multiple revenue lines. Security investments at first may seem like a net cost, but the ROI is far greater.”

Secretary Ridge, the first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, encouraged business leaders and policy makers to see opportunities in the midst of current challenges to sharpen governance issues, trade policies and private-public sector relationships with a keen eye toward process improvement.

During his visit, the former secretary also addressed the East-West Institute in Beijing on the topic of increasing tensions in North Korea and other parts of the world and how to manage economic goals and protect worldwide trade in a heightened security climate.

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