Ridge Global Executive Chris Furlow Discusses Terrorism and Soft Targets

March 17, 2009

In an interview with Peter Budoff of Medill on the Hill, Ridge Global’s Chris Furlow discusses the challenge of securing “soft targets” in free and open societies.

Furlow, the former executive director of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, is now a principal at Ridge Global, an international security advisory firm led by former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge.

Speaking about the need to balance security with everyday freedoms, Furlow told Budoff: “We need to make sure we are protecting the very values that the terrorists are seeking to destroy.”

Furlow also underscored the need for all citizens to view security as a shared mission with government officials, but cautioned citizens to be prepared but not afraid in a country much safer than it was pre-9/11.

“The bottom line is we live in a dangerous world,” said Furlow. “We are dealing with a thinking enemy and there are many threats. But we can’t just huddle in fear.”

Budoff’s piece includes an interview with a couple left trapped in a hotel during last year’s Mumbai attacks and offers comments by New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Rand Corporation’s Brian Michael Jenkins and others. To read the article in full, please click here.

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