Ridge Global CEO Meets with US/China Delegation

May 14, 2008

Ridge Global CEO Tom Ridge spoke Wednesday in Washington, DC, with a 30-member delegation representing the China offices of several blue-chip American companies. Also attending were members of the American Chambers of Commerce in the China region.

The delegation, whose participants met with Capitol Hill legislators, think tanks and trade groups, sat down with Ridge Global’s chief executive to discuss the challenges and opportunities of export controls, trade security, VISA issues and other matters facing American industry in an increasingly interdependent global economy.

ÔÇťAmerica’s security and prosperity is tied to the security and prosperity of the rest of the world,” said Secretary Ridge following the event. “To remain a leader in the competitive economy, we must advance the co-mingling of ideas, innovation, collaboration and ongoing friendship with our friends and allies.

“In a post 9/11 era, it’s important that we do the necessary work to keep our borders secure, but also keep our doors open, so that we protect the free flow of goods and people that have long advanced our economic opportunities.

“Resiliency in uncertain times is critical to today’s business enterprise. Embed risk management into your operational processes sooner rather than later and you will have saved your company dollars and recovery time, while improving communication, productivity and efficiencies along the way.”

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