Chris Furlow Addresses the ABA's Homeland Security Law Institute

February 27, 2009

Chris Furlow, Ridge Global’s U.S. Public Sector Practice Leader, today addressed attendees of the American Bar Association’s 4th annual Homeland Security Law Institute during a forum entitled: “The Business of Homeland Security:  A Public and Private Sector Perspective on Procurement and Development of Homeland Security Technology and Services.”

Furlow, a former executive director of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, stated that companies wishing to provide solutions in homeland security cannot simply view the industry as just another market.

“We all have to understand that our government homeland security partners are seeking capabilities in addition to products and services. Products and services are a way to obtain capabilities, so we must understand capability objectives and requirements first.”

Furlow pointed to homeland security grants as an important means of achieving key capabilities, particularly for state and local governments and first responders. “Procurement for our state and local homeland security partners is tied closely to grant funds, but it is bigger than gadgets or software.”

The ABA homeland security conference, held in Washington, DC, covered a range of security topics, including information sharing, chemical and hazardous materials security, public health and safety issues, and privacy and civil liberties.

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