AUDIO: Secretary Tom Ridge Discusses Current State of Terrorism

March 12, 2009

After speaking to participants of the 7th annual Merchant Risk Council Conference, held yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada, former Secretary Tom Ridge sat down with KNPR’s Dave Berns for an interview to discuss growing security issues that affect both U.S. security and the U.S. and global economies.

From a tactical perspective, the nation’s first secretary of Homeland Security cited biological attacks on the upper list of security concerns. However, he was quick to add that his chief concern is complacency. Are the necessary conversations about terrorist threats occurring with the needed sense of urgency and attention the threats require, particularly in the midst of a global economic crisis?

When asked about security post 9/11 and whether the United States is prepared for a possible attack, Ridge said, “Yes, the answer is clearly yes.” However, he went on to say, we “can’t ramp up security such that it affects the economics of our communities. Security and the economy intersect; they intersect at our shopping malls; they intersect at our borders; they intersect everywhere…. We’re smarter, safer, but we’ll never be fail safe.”

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