A North American Security Perimeter: CBC Radio Interview with Tom Ridge

February 28, 2009

Speaking to Kathleen Petty, host of CBC Radio’s “The House,” Ridge Global CEO and America’s first U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge addressed Canada’s concerns of renewed talks about a North American Security perimeter. Ms. Petty also interviewed David Emerson, former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister.

Of a potential security perimeter, Secretary Ridge said: “We’ve had a very mature relationship when it comes to security, law enforcement and economics…. I don’t think we truly appreciate how much we depend on one another…. I don’t think we should ever talk about a perimeter or border or security without talking about the beneficial impact upon the economy and prosperity.”

Secretary Ridge said U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano understands the two nations’ need to work together to achieve mutual goals.

Regarding next year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Ridge said he believes the games will provide a good opportunity to work on pilot programs that can strengthen border security and collaboration.

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