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Ridge Global CEO, Tom Ridge, Addresses Attendees of the 2015 IDCE

February 12, 2015

Gov. Tom Ridge today addressed attendees of the 2015 International Disaster Conference and Expo (IDCE) in New Orleans and presented the William H. Webster Award for National Resilience Leadership to Admiral Thad Allen.

Statement of The Honorable Tom Ridge on the DNC Awarding The 2016 Democratic National Convention to Philadelphia

February 12, 2015

Ridge Global CEO, Tom Ridge, issued a statement on the decision by the DNC to award the 2016 Democratic National Convention to Philadelphia.

Secretary Ridge Urges Congress to Decouple Critical DHS Legislation from Immigration Debate

January 29, 2015

Ridge was joined by former DHS Secretaries in signing a letter to Congressional leaders underscoring the urgency of the situation.

"Best Practice: Cyber Insurance"

December 15, 2014

Ridge Global Executive Vice President, Luke Ritter, poses the questions that transportation companies should be asking of their insurance providers in this month's Cargo Security Intelligence magazine