Energy Consulting Services

Energy Consulting Services

Ridge Global works with Industry to promote best-practices in harnessing, transmitting and using natural resources from across the energy spectrum. We are committed to realizing the full potential of shale gas formations and broader energy portfolios to make positive impacts on our Nation’s national security, economy and environment.

Our consulting services help clients navigate the public policy, regulatory and environmental issues associated with the energy sector, develop positive stakeholder relationships, and craft strategies to maximize returns for shareholders, employees, and citizens.

Ridge Global's subject matter expert network includes top energy, economic, and environmental experts to support the analysis of target companies, markets, and relevant policies.


Sociopolitical Consulting

  • Thought leadership on best-practices and public policy issues
  • Regulatory support
  • Business-to-Business facilitation
  • Guidance on doing business at the State and Local level
  • Industry talent identification and development
  • International business development delegation leadership
  • Convening business segments, stakeholders and the public

M&A Diligence & Corporate Advisory Support

  • Acquisition target assessment and strategy support
  • Market assessment and due diligence
  • Capital identification and business advisory services
  • Management team / board member identification and recruitment

Risk Management Consulting

  • Risk management assessments and process mapping
  • Security process re-engineering
  • Advisory support for natural gas and other infrastructure security